I have been charged right away but I usually only get charged at the end of my parking.

We have 2 options on the app, the blue button and the green button. One charges right away and the other charges at the end you have most likely selected the other button.

The blue button is an ‘all day’ option and is for s set amount of time therefore expires automatically. This charges right away.

The green button works with a start/stop system and only charges once you have stopped your parking and the best rate is calculated.

Can I change or add a promo code when a session has already started?

Yes and no.

Yes, if it is a casual Start/Stop parking session (green button) as the payment has not occurred. Click the current session, select the code and continue parking as normal and when the session has stopped the discount will be applied to your payment.

No, for product or prepaid parking like Earlybird, Nights, All Day selections when the payment is taken up front. If the promo code is not entered prior to confirming the parking then the code cannot be added afterwards.