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Have you ever paid for parking with the wrong rego....

perhaps selected the same product twice....

or had a transaction declined resulting in an invalid parking session?

If you've ever had to contact us for a refund request, we've felt your pain so have made some key changes to help reduce the need for refund requests.

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Active Rego Change

If you have multiple vehicle registrations loaded to your ParkMate account and accidentally start a parking session with the wrong rego, you now have 15 minutes to change to the correct rego. You can change rego by selecting your current session and then adding your correct registration.

Duplicate Products

We have removed the possibility of purchasing duplicate parking sessions. No longer will you be able to accidentally purchase the same parking product, therefore only paying for the session you use!

Multiple Payment Options 

You now have the ability to load multiple credit or debit cards against your ParkMate account. You can simply switch between payment options on the confirmation screen - just in case one of your cards is running a little low on funds

To take advantage of all the great new ParkMate features, be sure to update to the latest version 1.3.4, you can do so by clicking your app store icon.

If you have auto updates on, no need to worry, these functions will now be available on your ParkMate App!