This code is for Sky Perks members only.

Please note the car parks excluded from this deal below:


P973 2 Anzac Ave

P1065 Maki Street

P119 Killarney Street

P364 Tennis Auckland

HP-6D2E01 Kitchener Street Outside

P9002,P9002a & P9003 Smales Farm


P1174 Whangarei All Day

All barrier arm Wilson sites

Host Park sites


P18 Kumototo Shed

P2073 103 Queens Drive

P2082 29 Marion Street

P282 Knigges Ave

P312 Kumototo Waterfront

P343 Clyde Quay & Herd Street Car Park

P455 Top of Tory 133 Tory Street

P63 Barnett Street

Terms and Conditions:

Allows 50% off up to 10 sessions of Night and Weekend parking at any Pay and Display Wilson Parking sites on ParkMate (exclusions apply). The promo code is only valid for your account, and for your registration number. It is not transferable to third parties' vehicles or accounts. Please note the car parks that are excluded from this promotion on the promo code details in the app. The promo code can't be entered for sessions at the excluded car parks. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they use the promo code on sessions where it is applicable and no refunds will be given if a user has forgotten to apply the promo code. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure any session is stopped in due course in order to stop any further charges applying to the session beyond the free period. Promotion valid Mon-Thurs 4pm-8am and Fri 4pm - Mon 8am, expiry 31 August 2019 11:55pm. Offer excludes P973 2 Anzac Ave, P1065 Maki Street, P119 Killarney Street, P364 Tennis Auckland, P1174 Whangarei All Day, HP-6D2E01 Kitchener Street Outside, P9002,P9002a & P9003 Smales Farm, P18 Kumototo Shed, P2073 103 Queens Drive, P2082 29 Marion Street, P282 Knigges Ave, P312 Kumototo Waterfront, P343 Clyde Quay & Herd Street Car Park, P455 Top of Tory 133 Tory Street, P63 Barnett Street and all barrier arm Wilson sites. Host Park sites are also not included.