What our customers have to say about ParkMate!

"Love this app - no fiddling around trying to find coins or cards - just pick your location, add your registration plate, secure your card and start the timer.
Upon return, turn off the meter on your phone and voila... hassle free!" - Bridget Williams - via Facebook.

"So convenient! The app is user friendly and once you set it up it's good to go".
"The regular reminders and product options too are great ! Never had any issues so far with it and would definitely recommend" - Mariana Mario D'Gama - via Facebook.

"I've used this app quite a few times now and it's a god send when you don't have any coins and you also don't have bits of paper floating about in the car".
"Bet a kiwi thought of it" - Pete Jordan - via Facebook.

"One of the best apps I've used. Super convenient and user friendly".
"Thanks for rewarding your regular users and keeping costs sustainable" - Nandita Srinivasa - via Facebook.

"It's a user friendly app and I like that you don't need cash or need a ticket".
"It's so convenient, just keep the costs reasonable for parking" - Catherine Sinclair - via Facebook.